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Your air conditioner should not be running at a loss of efficiency. It can also prove to be a matter of safety and health.

Controlling humidity is also a benefit of air conditioning. Humidity control prevents mold and mildew growth. You can protect your health by limiting mold growth.

Here is some AC maintenance tricks that will help you keep your unit operating smoothly.

Change Your Air Filters

Your HVAC system is equipped with filters to trap dust, pet hair, or other contaminants. These filters help prevent contaminants from interfering in your HVAC system.

They can get clogged up or become dirty over time. Your air conditioner unit will work harder if it has a dirty filter. You can prevent this by changing your filters once per month.

Clear Away Bushes & Plants

Air conditioning units require free-flowing air to work correctly. They can block the airflow by growing around it, such as bushes, grass, or flower beds. This again makes it more difficult for the unit to work properly.

Take out any plant life that is growing near the unit. This will ensure that the unit receives enough air. This makes it more efficient for your home.

Verify the Drain Line

Your air conditioner must drain excess moisture from its condenser. Algae growth could cause the drain line to become blocked.

A small amount of bleach can be used to flush the line periodically as preventative maintenance. One cup should be enough.

If the obstruction is primarily caused by algae or mold, a basic dry/wet vacuum cleaner will usually be sufficient to clear it.

Get started on fixing cracks and leaks in the home.

Your AC system’s efficiency will be affected if there are too many leaks in your household. Your home’s cooler air will move outward when there is a leak.

Therefore, the system will be required to work more, leading to a higher electricity bill.

An Air conditioner repair will not be of any use. It is a waste of time and money. You should contact the correct people and have the problem repaired due to the improved performance of your air conditioner.

Purchase a Programmable Thermostat

A lot of people forget to turn off their air conditioning, which can cause heat and cooling problems in an unoccupied apartment. Others forget to adjust the thermostat as they walk out of the door. This will reduce the lifespan of the air conditioner and could result in significant savings.

A programmable thermostat takes out the human element. You can program the thermostat to the temperatures that you desire at different times of the day. You can save money and extend your unit’s useful life.

Plan professional maintenance

An air conditioning unit may be experiencing problems that you aren’t able to see. These can all be checked by a professional technician.

Electrical components

Mechanical components

Coolant levels

Integrity in the duct

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You can ensure your air conditioner lasts as long as possible by calling a professional once or twice each year.

Parting Thoughts about AC Maintenance Tips

AC maintenance plays an important role in maximizing your unit’s efficiency. Do-it-yourself maintenance is essential to ensure proper airflow. A programmable thermostat ensures that the unit is only used when necessary.

Professional maintenance allows you to be sure that all electrical and mechanical components are working properly.

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