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The Internet is becoming more crowded. Small business owners may find it difficult to stand out among potential customers searching for products or services on the internet.

This is especially true when you consider the changes in Google’s SERP (search engines results page). We now see up to four ads and a map of local providers where there were organic listings for websites. There are no organic results above this fold (visible without scrolling).

Google Ads lets you target highly relevant search terms related to the products or services you offer, in the geographical area you choose, and with the budget you set.

Google Ads lets you connect with customers who are actively looking for your services online, regardless of whether you have an online shop or offer direct services.

This is a list that shows you the many benefits your business can enjoy from Google Ads.

1. Dominating the search results page.

Bid on your brand keywords to control the search results page for your business.

Searches for your company by name will be limited to the area between your ad and the organic search result.

2. Choose your keywords.

Google will decide which keywords will trigger your listing in organic search results. If they do, it will be below the fold. Users will need to scroll down to see organic listings.

AdWords can help you determine the keywords that are most relevant to your business goals and bring users to your site. Tip: Don’t waste money on unactionable searches.

3. Choose your landing page.

You can choose which pages your users will visit when they click on your ads.

Traffic should only be directed to pages that are high in conversion. Pages with offers and services with strong calls to action work well.

4. Your message is important.

Your ads should have a copy that is consistent with the keywords you have chosen to show them.

Include a feature, advantage, or benefit in your ad to increase click-through rates and drive more traffic to your site.

5. Bid on keywords of your competitors.

Google Ads allows you to bid on the branded keywords of your competitors so that your ads will appear alongside their organic listings. Tip: Write a compelling ad to get people interested in your product.

To ensure you do not violate Google Ads guidelines, make sure your ads don’t mislead users.

6. You can bid on relevant keywords.

Keywords that are likely to convert or purchase will be bid on more than keywords that are more research-oriented or do it yourself.

Link your ads to landing pages that allow people to perform the actions you have intended by your keyword selection.

7. Reach a broader audience.

People may be searching for keywords relevant to your business, but they may not find your listing organically.

AdWords allows you to expand your reach using keywords that are broad-based but still specific to your goals and objectives.


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