Guidelines And The Process Of Editing Each Post Are As Follows: 

1. Each post must be at least 500 words long; the more words, the better.

2. It is encouraged that the content contains outbound links that support the facts that are stated in the content. Despite this, irrelevant links are going to be removed.

3. Any supporting visuals that can improve the reading experience for the audience are very much appreciated. However, we strongly recommend keeping your file size under 100 KB.

4. All content must be 100 percent original. Because we conduct checks for plagiarism, any content that has been previously published, whether by you or another author, will NOT be accepted if it has been spun or reused.

5. It should have a clean and organized structure, with headings 2, 3, and paragraphs that aren’t too long, etc. In addition to that, it ought to be checked for typos and grammatical errors. In that case, it will be handed back to you.

6. There is a prohibition against the content being promotional or advertorial in nature. It is against the law to advertise a product, a business, or a service. This includes making a reference to your company or providing a link to your website.

7. The content must be sent in a file format that is either Word or Google Docs.

8. Before submitting the post, carefully check and double-check all of the information. After going live, there is no way to make edits.

9. Please be aware that no article from the same source will be considered for the next six months if it has been rejected more than twice for failing to comply with any or all of our guidelines. This applies even if the article has been accepted in the past.

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